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Get Involved with Well Water Drilling Programs

Maybe you have special to help through resources r experience and knowledge.

GWAM has many ways to get involved as a partner with well drilling to provide clean water for up to thousands of people a day living in extreme poverty.

Creating Solutions
At GWAM, in partnership with UNICEF and RWDP, our overall mission is committed to improving the quality of life in rural communities. This is accomplished by providing sustainable (ongoing) safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, and services using educational approaches and evangelism. Our core basic principles are that we are Christians, committed to helping the poor, and believe in people.
Focus Accomplishments
The water program has been able to drill over 1200 wet wells fitted with hand pumps in nine country regions. We have repaired 545 broken-down wells in the Northern and Brong Ahafo Regions of Ghana. We have established and trained over 900 Water Sanitation Committees, disinfected 5,600 contaminated water points in 1,500 communities, taught 120 area pump mechanics. 


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