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Bringing clean water to people living in extreme poverty in northern Ghana. Water sources, geography, and population all play a part in determining what technology required to serve people well, but there’s a solution to everything and we are working to increase future opportunity .

Well Drilling

Conventional drilling, hand pumps, mechanical pumps, community wells, wells for schools, well rehabilitation, rainwater catchment

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School latrine construction, well-head protection efforts, well sanitation

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Health Promotion

Water, sanitation and hygiene community outreach, development of community WATSAN Committees

Formal Education

COSTECH Science and Technology private boarding school initiative, giving opportunity through math and science

Faith Based

Teaching God's love, village ministry, woman and children bible study, evangelism programs, women and children's  advocacy

Local Comummunity

Involving local community  solutions, empowering local job opportunities for men and women, local community capacity building 

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Developing Solutions

Working with innovative energy, and environmental solutions to create community sustainability for learning and opportunity

Community Relationships

Working through peace building and community relation to improve and create opportunity for all

Environmental Sustainability

Engaging environmental responsibility to develop community long term vision

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