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Junior and Senior High School

7A's Costech school

A Science & Technology School in Rural Northern Ghana


7A's COSTECH School is a Science and Technology school located near Yendi in Northern Ghana - teaching values and skills for the future.



COSTECH is unique for many reasons.



Primarily, COSTECH is the only science and technology boarding school in the Yendi area, which provides a great opportunity for children from predominately Muslim backgrounds to become strong community leaders.

Get Involved

By God’s grace and the help of many of you, the junior/senior high school, which began in September 2013 with just the 7th grade and 50 students, now has 7th, 8th and 9th grade and 103 students.  Over 65 of the students are sponsored by you, but there are still several who need a sponsor. 


Just $35.00 per month will sponsor a child and will go a long, long way toward providing an excellent education for him or her.



If you will help, we will assign a student to you, provide their name, picture and a little information about them, as well as an address where you can write them.


Please contact us to sponsor a child for the future.


An Effort of Community Peacebuilding and Knowlege

All the educational elements work together with a framework of focus on developing individuals with future sustainability in mind for their communities and honoring God through service.

Helping to Create Opportunity


Young girls, especially, are given the resources to have educational availability - where in many cases - there is no hope for the future.

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