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Project Radio Savannah Teaching the Gospel

Project Radio Savannah is making an impact in northern Ghana by teaching the gospel - where history, tradition, culture and the elements of Christianity lead to a change in the hearts of people. 


Yendi - the Ancient Capital 


The Dagombas are mainly a Muslim ethnic group of the Kingdom of Dagbon in northern Ghana and they number about 825,736 (2002). They inhabit the Northern Region of the Kingdom of Dagbon in the sparse savanna region below the sahelian belt, known as the Sudan. The homeland of the Dagomba is called Dagbon and covers about 12,500 square miles in area. (Wikipedia)


Yendi, set in the arid savannah of northern Ghana, the town was once the seat of the ruler of the 15th-century kingdom of Dagbon.  Now, it has the air of a small provincial capital, but with an opportunity. The only remaining clues to its pre-colonial might are its several royal palaces. The Yendi Municipal District is home to rival branches of Dagbon royalty, the Abudu and Andani families, whose competing claims to the throne have been resolved for 200 years by a system of alternating succession.


However, on March 27, 2002, members of the Abudu family stormed the palace of the Andani king, Ya-Na Yakubu Andani II, decapitating the old ruler and murdering up to 40 other royal servants and advisers. Therefore, due to the lack of resolution among the two families, the conflict has a potential to cause unsolved resentment and the lack of peace in the Northern Region of Ghana.


Project Radio Savannah and the Gospel


Radio Savannah is a public radio station in Tamale, the capital town of the Northern region of Ghana.  The station is owned and run by the state broadcaster – the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation. Radio Savannah broadcast range covers all of the Northern Region of Ghana - including the ancient Dagdon Kingdom. As a result of an invitation, Mr. Andrews Abdulai, who is the minister at Yendi church of Christ, was able to travel to Tamale to present a message to set the tone of forgiveness, peace, love, and conflict resolution for the New Year. 


The message was taken from the Gospel of Matthew chapter 6 in relation to forgiveness in order to move forward in community unity.  This message is important to the Dagbons with consideration to the present, perceived and sometimes inflated, stress that exists associated with royal families, and their associated allegiance. 


Impact of the Gospel in the West Africa Savannah


The program was aired up to 16 known times across the whole Northern Region of Ghana reaching and potentially impacting tens of thousands of people with the message of the Gospel of Matthew – in mainly Muslim communities.  After the message was delivered on the air, ten (10) callers responded with on-air comments and questions.  Out of those ten (10), nine (9) were Muslim. 


After hearing the message of the gospel, there was a caller who responded with a desire to become a Christian through repentance and baptism for the remission of sins resulting in being added to the Lord’s Church (Acts 2).  There was another Muslim man who wanted Andrews to come to his house and pray for his sick pregnant wife, even though there was a large Mosque directly in front of his home. 


 Being Salt and Light to Advance the Gospel


These are just a few known impacts of Project Radio Savannah.  It would only be assumed that there i far-reaching success that is unknown - all to the glory of God. The potential influence of the message of Christ changes the hearts and minds of those who will list and follow.  The message in the Gospel of Matthew describes Christians as being salt and light to a world of darkness and worldliness (Matthew 5:13-16). 


Project Radio Savannah is an example of the church having an effect on unbelievers and believers alike as the result of being salt and light of the world.


Future Plans for Radio Savannah – Get Involved


Currently, there are plans for Andrews to travel to Tamale on a weekly basis to speak about the gospel and the continuing implications for peace, love, forgiveness and faithful obedience in order to achieve peace in these hard areas in the northern savannah region.


It is our hope and prayer that we magnify God through these efforts and the resulting fruit brings many men, women, and children to know Christ and to advance His Kingdom.  Please be a partner in this effort. 

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