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Still Needed....

While we were in Yendi, working with COSTECH, we were shown the new dorms that the kids had just moved into. They were much bigger than where they were staying, as the new dorms are quite spacious. There was/is a serious problem right now however. There are no toilet or showering facilities in the new dorms.

Before the toilet facilities can be installed a new septic system has to be created. To complete everything we need to raise $40,000.00. This would include the septic system for the two dorms, 10 toilets, tile for the showers and shower heads, pipes and faucets.

I know this sounds like a minor problem, and if we had the funds it would be. At the present time, however, the kids are having to relieve themselves in two pits out in the middle of a large field. One pit for the girls and one for the boys. They are separated, but it is still an embarrassing situation for the girls especially. In addition, they have to bathe using a bucket and a cup. I realize that this is just an inconvenience, but it is not as it should be. We need to get these facilities finished as soon as possible.

Ask and Ye Shall...

Once again I turn to you for help. The school is helping us teach over 100 children, most with an Islamic background. We are trying to reach them for Christ and help them to get an education they can use to return to their homes and help their people.

On an almost daily basis we encourage the children to plan to return to Yendi once they have gotten their educations. Some will be doctors or nurses, others will be teachers. There will be engineers and others that can use their talents and education to raise the quality of life in Yendi and help reduce the number of people in poverty. COSTECH school and the Christian teaching they receive there will be a great help in both educating and getting them to return to help their people. Putting in a toilet, shower and septic system seems a small cost to pay to help raise people from poverty, teach them about Jesus and see many added to the church.

Please, I am not asking you to do something that I am not willing to do. My wife and I are giving at least $500.00 to help build this system. This means we only need 79 other folks or churches to each give $500.00 and we will have what we need to finish the work.

Please, as you finish reading this, will you not sit down and write a check for $500.00 or even $300.00 or $200.00? Your help is desperately needed to take care of this situation. If you would rather, you can just call—501-278-5887—and Kim Toye, our secretary, will take your credit or debit card information and collect your contribution that way. If you don’t wish to call, you can go to our website——and click on the “DONATE” button and give that way. It will take you to PayPal and give you a secure way to make a contribution.

Please, take a few moments right now and help us to finish the dormitories!

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