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COSTECH (College of Science & Technology) 2016

"Northern Ghana is a place where jobs are almost impossible to come by.

Terrible things happen constantly in this world, including terrorists shooting people for absolutely no reason other than they just hate! There are also millions of people living in difficult situations as well. Poverty, hunger and a lack of medical facilities and clean water are just some issues facing millions. Many are unable to change their living conditions because they have no money, their country is in poverty and the number of jobs available is terribly limited. Northern Ghana is a place where jobs are almost impossible to come by. There are no factories and very few businesses, so employment is scarce and poverty is the norm.

For students who have the luxury of attending school in northern Ghana, their amenities are few and their struggles are many.

I just returned from Ghana, along with a group of 21 people. We worked mainly with COSTECH school, but also helped several primary schools by giving over 1,000 sixth grade students physicals before they go on to junior high. Almost 200 students had Malaria, many had ear and sight problems and a few had other maladies that needed to be taken care of before they moved up in school. For most of the students checked this was the first physical they had ever their life!

Steve Moore, Tammy Dawson, Francie Holder, Carla Chance and Cathy Privett, all educators, spent two days giving a seminar to the junior and senior high teachers in the area. There were over 150 who attended. They spoke to them about teaching the tough subjects of science and math and they showed them many examples of things they could make with items available that would demonstrate the various subjects they were trying to teach the students. This is the second time Tammy and Steve have offered a seminar to those teachers and needless to say, the teachers were thrilled to be able to see the various experiments and hear the things they had to say.

I have so much I can’t even remember all the things I have! God has been gracious to me and my family and allowed us to be born in the USA and enjoy rich, wonderful blessings our whole lives. When I went to school we had heat in the winter and air-conditioning in the warmer months. I had paper, pens, pencils and all the tools needed in order to receive a good, if not great, education. There were plenty of schools to go to and once I finished high school I was able to go to college.

When I had cancer and kidney stones (not sure which was worse) I was able to be treated by wonderful doctors and have surgery in great hospitals. The medicines I received kept me from pain and the expertise of the medical personnel helped bring about the cures that I hoped for. Yes! I am richly blessed.

"Because I am richly blessed I have a responsibility to try to richly bless others.

Because I am richly blessed I have a responsibility to try to richly bless others. The more I have the more I need to share that my fellowman might be able to eat good food and drink clean water, as well as receive a good education.

Over and over I am reminded of the passage Paul writes to encourage us to be blessings to others:

“So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith. “ Galatians 6:10

I pray that you too will see the need to help and you will share your blessings this month!

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