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Mechanical Water System for Yendi, Northern Ghana


"The people of Yendi, with a population of over 70,000, found themselves in a terrible predicament. There had been no rain for many months, the river Dakar that supplied many in the town with water was bone dry, so the people were suffering from a lack of water."

Latrines For Schools in Northern Ghana


"The RWDP (Rural Water Development Program) is currently building 29 toilet facilities with water for as many schools. We have already built several and the results for the female students has been amazing. The girls have both privacy and the facilities needed for their hygiene."

Peace Building Through Well Drilling - Panduli Village, Northern Ghana


"Yendi is a special place for several reasons: ancient history, remoteness, poverty, great need for potable water, lack of sanitization and predominantly Muslim. As a result, Yendi is a difficult place to work – from a humanitarian and evangelical perspective." 

Yendi Health Screening


A 43 member medical team from the Yendi Government Hospital and the Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH) has undertaken a medical outreach program at Yendi, Northern Ghana - seeing over 1200 patients.

Project Timothy Mission | Northern Ghana


At GWAM, we see it important to focus on the spiritual development of those that are being served. That is, in addition to providing the physical needs, we also tend to the spiritual needs as well. This provides a well-rounded individual for the future."

Ivorian Refugee Camp Project - Western Ghana


"In light of the recent Syrian refugee situation, it is refreshing to look back on a relatively recent effort, in which Ghana West Africa Missions (GWAM), along with the Rural Water Development Program (RWDP) of the church of Christ, has made an impact on those suffering as refugees over the past few years."

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