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Clean Water Saves Lives


At GWAM, our MISSION is to partner with the people of Ghana to provide sustainable solutions for clean water, healthy living, education, and the gospel of Christ.

GWAM has developed Water For West Africa as a brand working as a subsidiary to help reach more people in West Africa. 

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Join our Giving Opportunities 

Your monthly recurring giving will go toward helping bring clean water and education to families in northern Ghana.

We are working to make a difference by empowering local communities.


GWAM has been drilling water wells in northern Ghana since 1987 from humble beginning -  fighting  poverty in village communities.

Meet some who we empower

See our latest work in providing water, sanitation and hygiene to improve health for those most vulnerable - living in extreme poverty in northern Ghana.

Clean Water Can Change Everything

When a local community in northern Ghana has access to clean water, it can change  everything for the future. It can improve health, increase access to food, grow local community economies, and help kids spend more time in school in school learning.

Sponsor an Entire Water Project

For $7,500 or more you can fully fund a village water project for a community or maybe a school 

or contact: for more information.

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