Great work girls!


“It’s all about water”, someone said, “so why don’t we sell water and tell the people why we are doing it?" What a great idea and a wonderful job.


Pam Keese, one of our Board members, has a twin sister named Kim Kinser. Kim teaches in the Greater Atlanta Christian School. This past semester she was teaching her girls about the great blessings we have here in America and how many other countries suffer with very little. She told her students about the struggles the people of Ghana have finding clean water to drink. Here in America we, generally, have the best water piped right into our homes and we use if for drinking, cooking, bathing and even just playing in it. It is not like that, she told them, in Ghana and she gave them some examples of the kind of water they are forced to drink.


What could they do about that, they wanted to know and they began brainstorming and coming up with different ideas of ways to help.


“It’s all about water”, someone said, “so why don’t we sell water and tell the people why we are doing it? Then we could donate our profits to the well drilling program in Ghana. And that’s just what they did.


So they bought water, removed the original labels, printed new ones and then placed them on the bottles and began to sell, all the while telling the story of what is happening in Ghana and why they felt the need to sell the water.


By God’s grace, in less than a week they had sold all their water and had raised $615.00.  What a great idea and a wonderful job. What a simple way to help and all it took was time.

Praise God for you girls and for the blessings you shared through your great project!


What a great opportunity these girls took advantage of. I believe your youth group could do the very same thing. All it would take is a little leadership and some time. Once you buy the water, print new labels and then put them on the bottles, all your youth group would have to do is sell the bottles.








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