Community Mechanical Water Systems in Yendi | Northern Ghana

Providing 94,000 gallons per day for over 4,000 women and children daily


Well Systems Provides Relief From Drought


The people of Yendi, with a population of over 90,000, found themselves in a terrible predicament. There had been no rain for many months, the river Dakar that supplied many in the town with water was bone dry, so the people were suffering from a lack of water. Some owned water trucks and were driving 60 miles to Tamale to get water, take it back to Yendi and then selling it to the people. Of course they were charging way too much and the people were struggling just to find enough money to pay for a little.


The Rural Water Development Program (RWDP), along with Ghana West Africa Missions (GWAM), was determined to put in a second mechanical system to help alleviate the suffering in northern Ghana.

















In June of this year, 2015, the second system on the other end of town has also helped to provide the people of Yendi with good water.


In September of 2015, The Rural Water Development Program (RWDP) of the Church of Christ provided the people of Yendi with two mechanized water systems at a cost of $29,000 to assist the ongoing water shortage issue in the Yendi – northern Ghana area.


Beginning this year and for the next five drilling seasons, we plan to install one new mechanized well in various parts of Yendi - so that this kind of situation does not arise again.


The mechanized systems are to help solve the perennial water shortages faced by the people in the Yendi Municipality in the Northern Region. 


They have the capacity to produce about 94,000 gallons of potable water a day and to impact to 4,000 people a day by providing clean drinking water for drinking, cooking and washing.


Community Mechanical Water System for Yendi - Northern Ghana

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